Cedric Garreau, Garo'vin, Anjou


On our first trip the Loire, we went to see Cedric and were greeted by his dog, a friendly labrador. it was a morning visit, started off with one his hand-disgorged Pet Nats and it was a perfect start to the day. Struck by his friendly, nature, pride in his wines, but calm and thoughtful in contemplation. They were exactly what I was looking for then, wines that were beautifully made with the principles of natural wine, but they were not going to scare our customers at Wright's in South Wales. The Cabernet Franc was familiar with dark fruit and soft tannins. They were a hit. 

Since then we have been continually wowed by Cedric's work. He stopped adding sulfites in 2017, previously adding to reds at bottling. In 2018 he has stopped trying to get the AOC and renamed his signature red wine from Anjou Rouge to Metisse, also blending some of his Cabernet Sauvignon into the mix. The wines are just as delicious, perhaps even more so, always bright with fruit. His Chenin is an under-rated wonder of Anjou and it is really worth putting a few bottles in the cellar for a few years as they age wonderfully. 

Vineyards are worked organically with a vintage tractor, on a mix of the soils you would expect from Anjou terroir, purple and black schiste and shale. 


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