Wine & Cider - Come Isambert (Wrights Import)


Côme Isambert is a teacher in a vinification school who makes his own wine in his spare time. Every year we get a different set of wines according to the fruit he can purchase or gets given from winemaking friends in the area. The cellar is set up underneath a Chateau in Saumur, at the entrance of an old mushroom factory in caves built into the rock. He gets to use the space as the owner of the Chateau doesn’t want people breaking in and using the space for underground raves. It all sounds a bit DIY and it is, but what marks Côme out is his winemaking skills, every year he comes up with distinctive and delicious wines from whatever fruit comes his way. He has worked in viticulture for a long time including time spent with Christian Tschida in Austria, pushing him to work more naturally. He took over as winemaker under Eric Dubois at Clos Cristal before Eric was evicted (a whole other story.)

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