Valentin Vallés Goëland, Sauvignon Blanc, Rhone 2016

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Practicing Organic farming since 2015

After working with Eric Pfifferling for several years, Valentin settled himself not too far away from his mentor, literally a 30 min drive away from Tavel in Saint Quentin de la Poterie a very famous village for Local potters.

Valentin has been buying organic grapes and making wines there since 2011. Since 2015, he is farming 4ha of Syrah, Grenache and Sauvignon in addition to his negoce.

His winemaking approach is simple “Laissez faire”.

Grapes are of course handpicked, and carried in 15kg boxes to the cellar.

Valentin has a few small stainless still tanks that he is using for macerating the grapes. Grapes will then be pressed in a very old wooden vertical press and then transfer by gravity to barriques.

Fermentation in barriques are long and slow, the only control is Valentin’s palate.  Depending on the wines Valentin will decide whether if he wants to add S02 or not when blending the different barriques together.             


Whole bunch pressed Sauvignon blanc aged in barrel for 10 months. Grapes come from a single vineyard plot laying on silica and limestone.