Stéphane Cyran Saperlipopette 2019

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Bit of background of Stéphane himself - in his mid-forties and originally from the Lorraine region, decided about 10 years ago he wanted to change career to become a winemaker and for him making wines without any additions was the obvious route. Trained in Alsace and set up half an hour west of Nancy. He’s on the same latitude as Alsace so really far north. He can pick his grapes at perfect ripeness without having to worry about alcohol spiking. Not many people making natural wine in this area so it’s a journey of discovery!

Saperlipopette - direct press of Gamay with just a little bit of colour, pressed middle of September into stainless steel and then bottled mid october to capture the end of the ferment in the bottle. Stéphane does not disgorge his pet nats so it’s a bit cloudy, but delicious right to the end of the bottle. Really nice balance, sherberty, pithy and goes very quickly!