Skyborry Rural Method 2019

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The Davies brothers think this is their best rural method yet and we agree. Dani explains this year's cider and the story behind Rural Method below;

In 2015 we released our first ‘Rural Method ‘ Cider. We had been making cider using the Normandie method with varying success and wanted to make a cider with residual sweetness without the additions required for the commercial keeving process. We attempted to slow fermentation using a process called ‘cold racking’ we had read about. Pumping the cider off it’s lees during the colder months and in turn slowing the ferment to a stop with natural sugars remaining. The aim of the Rural Method was to have a cider with just a little sugar left, not quite dry. It seemed like this was harder than making a sweet cider using the same process. 4 years later in 2019 it feels like we have produced a cider fitting the original brief we had set ourselves. After disgorging the cider is clear and we feel well balanced now that the acidity has softened after a year in bottle it’s mellowed into a lovely traditional tasting West Country style cider. A blend of Foxwhelp (bittersharp), Dabinett. (Bittersweet), Chisel Jersey (bittersweet) and Michelin (bittersweet) all harvested from a beautiful old orchard between Hay on Wye and Bredwardine. Wild yeast fermented, no additions, disgorged after one year in bottle.