Les Bories Jefferies Sisyphe Rouge 2013 & 2014

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A unique and delicious chance to try two older vintages from excellent natural winemaker Joseph Jefferies from his vineyards planted on basalt soils near the village of Caux in the Languedoc. 


Sisyphe 13 - Carignan, Grenache Noir

Very much in the Languedocian tradition of structured reds, with riper Grenache Noir and Carignan Noir and a month-long maceration of destemmed grapes making for a wine that is spicy and long, the ripe tannins softened by the long bottle ageing and the freshness of the basalt lifting the whole.

Sisyphe 2014 - 100% Carignan

The winemaking for La Pierre de Sisyphe Rouge 2014 was about as simple is winemaking can be. It went something like this :

Pick Carignan. Put bunches of Carignan in vat. Wait for four weeks. Draw off free-run juice. Put bunches in press. Press bunches gently. Blend press juice with free-run juice. Wait for ferment to finish. Rack off once. Bottle.

The wine itself, however, was not so simple a beast. In its early days it was juicy and fruity. Then, for some inexpicable reason, it went AWOL for about four years (which, apparently, Carignan sometimes does !), before coming back transormed into a smoky, svelte and fresh explosion of spiced-fruit and leather (?!). Needs some airing before drinking.