Jean Ginglinger Pinot Blanc 2018

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Based in Pfaffenheim, just south of Colmar in the Alsace, the domaine has been farmed organically since 1999, after a few earlier years of dabbling with Steiners’ Biodynamic theories. Created by his father in 1962 Jean Ginglinger took over the farm over 20 years ago. He cultivates 6 and half hectares of vines of which about a third have grand cru status.

The soils are mainly chalk and limestone and are worked by horse and plough hoping to create vines that are strong and need less treatment.

The wines themselves are mineral, salty even and have great ageing potential. We are often surprised how expressive his wines from the less aromatic varietals, such as sylvaner and pinot blanc, can be.

This Pinot Blanc is a case in point, forward in it's fruit, but with great freshness and acidity.