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Domaine de Montrieux Phylactere 2016
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Domaine de Montrieux Phylactere 2016

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Ariane Lesné worked as a retailer, than a wine agent, then made the move into producing her own wines after falling in love with natural winemaking. She worked at an estate in Burgundy for 5 years, before taking over the reins at Emile Heredia's estate, Domaine Montrieux at the end of 2014. She lives there now with her Husband Martin, a potter who uses the ashes of Ariane's vines to make glazes for his pots.

Phylactere is a Pétillant Natural made from a variant of gamay that has red juice when pressed. Direct press, bottled with 10g residual sugar to give bubbles and disgorged after 18 months of aging. No sulphites added. It's a fun and delicious, tart dry and refreshing aperitif.

Region - Loire, France


13% abv



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