Côme Isambert Onomatopée 2019

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This wine tends to be his lighter red, a vin de soif which still has a touch of structure and elegance. Most of this feel comes from the fact that the wine is mostly made up of what is called the running juice. In what I often see repeated with small winemakers, they will make a different ageing to this juice, which naturally comes from the grapes during the maceration and the press juice, which comes from when they actually press the grapes. The running juice tends to give a lighter wine in feel and structure. 

In 2019 this is around 85% Gamay from a grower called Patrick Thomas in Saint Georges sur Layon, grown on limestone. Côme gave the grapes a 12 day carbonic maceration, then aged in tank, before blending before bottling with just a touch of his Grolleau Noir 2018 and Cabernet Franc 2017, which all came from the same grower. Both of which he already had ageing in his cellar. The idea is to just to give a touch of structure to the wine. Has a little gas on opening, because he lets a little co2 stay in the wine to help preserve it in bottle. This  blows away quickly and opens up into a delicious soft and spiced light red. 

Served lightly chilled with charcuterie, it’s the bomb!