Côme Isambert Selection

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Côme is a brilliant winemaker who produces miniscule quantities in his cellar under a Chateau in Saumur (formerly a mushroom factory.) He vinifies part time, also working as a teacher.. He has worked in wine and the organic sector for 12 years, including time working under Eric Dubois at Clos Cristal, in Austria with Christian Tschida (allegedly pushing him into working more naturally…)  He started making his own wines in 2013, buying only organic fruit from suppliers he know who are producing good quality grapes on chalke and schiste. Grapes are always hand-harvested in boxes, with no pumping of the juice, fermentations tend to be slow because of the coolness of the caves where the barrels are kept. Recently Côme has started to work with apples, quince & pears from Normandy.

La Pere Li Can 2017 - Grolleau Noir, Gamay, Grolleau Gris & Cabernet.

Onomatopeia 2018 -Grolleau Gris, Gamay, Grolleau Noir

Cabernin 2017 - Direct press of Cabernet Franc & Chenin

Chenin 2017 PHD