Aurelien Lefort Erinyes

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Madriat – Auvergne

Aurélien Lefort farms around 1.5 hectares of vines around his village Madriat. Here the soils are quite different from those of his colleagues a little further north. Volcanic elements are less prevalent and the base is of varying types of clay. Aurélien’s vineyards are planted with a big mix of varieties some of which are nearly 120 years old. In his tiny cellar underneath his house he has 3 or 4 barrels depending on the harvest, which in recent years has been reduced by devastating hail and frost. The scarcity of these wines and their unbelievable purity and depth have led to them quickly becoming highly sought after. We are so pleased to have some.

Riesling from legendary grower Bruno Schueller in Alsace.

Macerated whole bunch in its juice.