Simon Rouillard, Musette, Gard / Loire

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Simon Rouillard moved to Anjou in 2018 after working for Evelyne and the sadly departed, wonderful, Pascal Clairet at Domaine de la Tournelle in Jura, among others. Simon has both his own fields in Anjou and supplements with purchased grapes from friends. 

The grapes for this wine come from Fred Agneray, winemaker and friend of Simon's, living in the Gard. The idea was to start having fun making wine when he didn't have his first vines yet. Musette is harvested, vinified, aged and bottled in the Gard, I take care of the vinification and the choice of grapes in agreement with Fred.

Plot: located in the Gard, the Grenaches come from Sabran on a plot of sand and Limon on limestone / The Syrahs are located in Saint Pons la Calm (10min from Sabran) on the same type of soil.


Vinification: Maceration in whole bunches of 8 days for the Grenaches and 12 days for the Syrahs. Indigenous yeasts. No extraction, only a few pumping-over;

Wonderfully fresh and vibrant, light and juicy, Simon has a deft, soft touch in the cellar and the wines are a little to easy to consume!