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Ariane Lesné worked as a retailer, than a wine agent, then made the move into producing her own wines after falling in love with natural winemaking. She worked at an estate in Burgundy for 5 years, before taking over the reins at Emile Heredia's estate, Domaine De Montrieux at the end of 2014. She worked with Emile for the first vintage, but is now ploughing her own furrow. She lives there now with her Husband Martin, a potter who uses the ashes of Ariane's vines to make glazes for his pots. The Goutte a Goutte wines are her negoce project, young wines of freshness and fruit. Montrieux is from her vines, wines of more contemplation and focus. 

This pack includes 2 vintages of the old vine Pineau d'Aunis Grandgousier, the young vine aunis Picrochole and her very small production Chenin Blanc Ithybole.