Domaine Bories Jefferies La Cabane De Jeanne 2016

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Joe Jefferies is a guy from Warwickshire who went to the South of France to help his Dad do up a house. He met a girl, fell in love and never looked back. Joe worked as a cycle tour guide for a number of years, but after drinking the wines of, and becoming friends with Remi Poujol and Bernard Bellahsen of Domaine Fontedicto he started producing himself, taking over his stepdads vines and finding other north-facing vineyards in this area which is on the plateau of an old volcano, looking for freshness and minerality in his wines. All of the wines are produced with zero additions and speak of the basalt they come from, with crazy minerality and freshness.

30% Grenache Blanc, 30% Marsanne, 30% Terret Blanc & Gris. For this vintage, Joe macerated the Marsanne, for 9 days in whole bunches. Savoury, textured and long.