Cristal Closed 2015 Magnum

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Clos Cristal, one of the most well known wineries / domaine in the Loire, has closed its doors for good. Clos Cristal, a very unique vineyard was a donation from the late Antoine Cristal to Les Hospices de Saumur, the local hospital of Saumur in 1928. For the last 21 years, this vineyard has been managed by Eric Dubois, whose love for nature wines, horses and art inspired many projects and many local talents in the area. Many winemakers were in some way involved in a project at Clos Cristal and many of them found the inspiration to start his/her own projects from working there 

After a hard battle to try and keep the existing project going at the Clos, the owner of the vineyard (the Hospital of Saumur) and some people of the city decided to sendput a stop to everything. Even though several options have been presented, they still decided to withdraw the rights from the association to continue their existing activity at the Clos, leaving the vineyard and the wines in a critical condition.

The Hospital gave full rights to the Cooperative of Saumur Robert et Marcel who took over all the vineyards of the Clos. Sadly Eric and family were evicted from the premises. Their three beautiful horses Ramses, Urga, Octave and passionate employees were all replaced by almost 15 tractors, the hand pickers soon to be replaced by harvesting machines. The house that homed not only Eric and family but also visitors from afar, stands empty and the garden that fed many mouths now feeds no more. The chickens and geese that roamed the vineyards are all gone. 

Côme Isambert with help from Francois Saint-lo & Olivier Schwirtz and lot’s of other friends are trying to save the work that has been done under the leadership of Eric and the Association. They have purchased the wine from the last vintages of Clos Cristal that was in the cellar and bottled it without additions, under the protest Cristal Closed label designed by Justine Saint-lo. These wines are history in a bottle. 


Chiselled from Limestone soils, this a deep smokey and velvety Cabernet that just gets better and better with age.